Fazer’s Olympic gold winning Culinary Team meets China's national catering team in a light-hearted competition to be held at the Fazer Experience visitor centre today, on 22 August 2017. The event was facilitated by Suomen Keittiömestarit ry. The Fazer Culinary Team is preparing for the Luxembourg 2018 Culinary World Cup with a new line-up.

Fazer Culinary Team achieved record success last October at the Culinary Olympics held in Erfurt, Germany, by winning gold for Finland in the competition's Community Catering category. The team’s reputation has reached all the way to China, whose national catering team is visiting Finland to both congratulate Finland for its 100 years of independence and put the skills of their Finnish colleagues’ to the test. Finnish and Chinese chefs will compete in a performance-like competition to be judged by Tapio Laine, head of Culinary Team Finland, and Marianne Nordblom, Director of Gastronomy and Food Development at Fazer Food Services.

The meeting between Fazer Culinary Team and the Chinese team was facilitated by Suomen Keittiömestarit Ry, an organisation that aims at promoting the Finnish food culture as well as quality cooking in Finland and abroad. ”We are pleased at the opportunity to promote such events which provide the team with networking opportunities also with Asian countries. Going forward, this opens lots of channels”, says Ulla Liukkonen, Chairperson of Suomen Keittiömestarit Ry.


New team members bring fresh insights to the team

Following its superb success in the Culinary Olympics, Fazer Culinary Team is continuing its work with a new line-up, still led by Senior Manager (R&D) Karri Käki from Fazer Food Services. The other already familiar team members include Mika Pesonen, Tapio Bergström, Sami Toropainen, Reko Riikonen, Lilli Jyräs, Juha Aalto and Matti Tikka. The team’s new members are Lemmikki Ruuskanen and Antti Tynkkynen.

“The new members will bring new and fresh perspectives to our already strong and highly skilled team. Continued success will require continuous development and new ideas, which I believe the new members are able to offer,” says Karri Käki, the team’s manager. 

At the moment, the team is preparing for the Culinary World Cup to be held in Luxembourg in 2018. The Culinary World Cup is held every four years, with next year’s competition including teams from Asia, the United States and a number of European countries. The competition’s Catering category will include a record number of competing teams. After a tight qualifying round, 15 teams were accepted into the actual competition.

Success requires Fazer Culinary Team to practice continuously. Next spring, the team will hold lunch performances doubling as practice for the World Cup in the restaurants of Fazer’s corporate customers. “You can experience a breath of the Culinary Olympics at your own restaurant by contacting the restaurant manager,” says Karri Käki.