The growing popularity of vegetarian meals is showing for the first time in the results of Fazer’s favourite lunch survey. The classic favourites, lasagne and pan-fried vendace, are now challenged by vegetarian and vegan fares. The coming week, themed as the Favourite Lunches Week, will see the favourites chosen by the customers on the menus of Amica restaurants throughout Finland.

Lasagne, meatballs and mashed potato and pan-fried vendace again made it to the top five of Fazer Food Services favourite lunch survey. Compared to the previous survey of two years ago, the popularity of vegetarian meals is showing dramatic increased, as the top five now also includes vegetarian/vegan foods and spinach pancakes.

Favourite Lunches 2017 TOP 10

  1. Lasagne
  2. Pan-fried vendace
  3. Vegatarian/vegan foods
  4. Meatballs and mashed potato
  5. Spinach pancakes
  6. Fish soup
  7. Tortillas
  8. Salmon-based meals
  9. Pizza
  10. Chicken Kiev

“Based on the survey, we at Fazer have clearly succeeded in introducing new, delicious vegetarian options onto our menus, and they have quickly become one of the biggest favourites among our customers. “Flexitarianism”, or a plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat, has become a major food trend in Finland,” says Marianne Nordblom, Director of Gastronomy and Food Development at Fazer Food Services.

The favourite lunch questionnaire was open on website between 19–29 January and it was participated in by 1869 customers throughout Finland. The survey suggestive some lunch alternatives which have ranked well in earlier favourite food surveys at individual Amica restaurants. Included were also finalists of the national food of Finland competition organised by ELO foundation. The participants could also name their own favourite lunch option.

Fazer offers delicious vegetarian alternatives

In recent years, Fazer has encouraged focusing on plant-based foods in its restaurant menus, campaigns and presentations, and it has also developed delicious vegetarian recipes for consumers at home.

“We serve 130,000 lunches every day in our 600 restaurants throughout Finland to customers ranging from children to adults and senior citizens. Our ambition is to update the customary Finnish lunch experience, including the flavours on the menu as well as the service and dining environment. This year we are focusing on increasing the amount of plant-based foods on offer and on emphasising the importance of eating together,” says Marianne Nordblom.

By popular request, week 6 will again be dedicated to customers’ favourite foods at Amica staff restaurants throughout Finland. We have included the most requested favourite foods on this week’s Monday-to-Friday lunch list. Amica restaurants are open to all – visit for our restaurant locator.


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