Fazer participates in the SuomiAreena discussions again this year in Pori, Finland from 17 to 19 July. Fazer's key themes include responsible food and future solutions. This is the fourth time that Fazer is taking part in SuomiAreena.

“Responsibility one plate at a time”
Fazer's panel discussion on 19 July, BePop stage, at 10:00 #oikeussyödähyvin

Marjaana Manninen, Counsellor of Education at the Finnish National Agency for Education, Jukka Lindberg , Director, Health and Social Services Reform, Regional Council of Häme, and Anu Kaukovirta-Norja, Senior Vice President, Research and Technology, Valio Ltd, will discuss the effects of the Finnish health and social services reform, responsibly produced food services and cooperational models. The themes include food services and the health and social services reform, the nutrition of senior citizens as a promoter of well-being, and school meals that keep children going throughout the day and support learning. The debate will be facilitated by the reporter Katja Kannonlahti.

Tuomas Nurmela, Director, Public at Fazer Food Services Finland, will lead the discussion, and Fazer Food Services will serve tastings of responsible food by the chef Mika Pesonen, captain of the Culinary Olympics winner Fazer Culinary Team.

“The most important questions are discussed at the dinner table”
Fazer participates in the theme day of the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL) on 17 July, Surprise stage, SuomiAreena-ranta, #pöydänääressä

The discussion topics will include the future of the food chain, responsibility, the joy of food, the security of supply and the food industry as an employer.

  • 10:10–10:40 “A brand is a promise of quality”
    Speaker: Ulrika Romantschuk, EVP, Communications & Branding, Fazer Group
  • 14:10–14.40 “It takes a team to make mashed potatoes”
    Joining the debate: Viivi Koivuniemi, Fazer's Kismet ambassador, and Ulrika Romantschuk, EVP, Communications & Branding, Fazer Group
  • 16.20–17:00 “Tin foil hats are making the food of the future – are you in?”
    Speaker: Heli Anttila, Vice President Supply Chain and Operations, Fazer Lifestyle Foods

Communications contacts in Pori:

Fazer's programme at the SuomiAreena event: Liisa Eerola, tel. +358 44 710 8860
Communication at the SuomiAreena event: Satu Ikäheimo, tel. +358 50 380 4996

The Fazer media phone line is open Mon–Fri from 8 am to 4 pm, tel. +358 40 668 2998

Email addresses are of the form firstname.lastname@fazer.com

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