Compass Group's reputation is based on the standards we set for the quality of the services we provide; our operating controls and practices; and our ethics and integrity. We are a world leader in what we do – our clients, customers, investors and suppliers expect us to operate to the very highest standards and all of our employees are required to uphold these standards.

If these standards are compromised, we undermine our reputation and place at risk the security and future success of the business. We cannot allow this to happen. We all share the responsibility for conducting our business in a professional, safe, ethical and legal manner.

We rely on all of our people to 'Speak Up' whenever they feel there is a breach of these standards and that they, their colleagues, our clients and customers, our business or our reputation might be placed at risk.

If you think it's wrong, it's right to 'Speak Up'

Please use the options below either to raise an issue, or to check on the progress of an issue that you have already raised.

Be assured that your confidentiality is protected and that there will be no comeback or repercussions if you have raised an issue in good faith.

Speak Up!