Compass Group Finland is the first operator in the restaurant industry in the world to be recognised for its good infection risk management. Compass Group FS Finland Oy’s restaurants and services have been given the MyCare verification by the world's leading certification body DNV GL. The work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases is done to ensure safe services and meals.

The MyCare verification offers reassurance about Compass Group’s good level of readiness, for example, to prevent the spread of the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A third-party assessment ensures that appropriate preventive measures have been taken to combat the spread of the pandemic. The risks associated with other Compass Group services, such as food deliveries and cleaning and lobby services, have also been identified and addressed.

When the pandemic was spreading last spring, safety guidelines had to be rapidly reassessed due to the risk of the highly infectious disease. New operating procedures were prepared promptly, in accordance with the orders and recommendations of the authorities. All restaurant personnel were trained in the procedures that were adopted without delay. Now we are continuously improving our operations and the operating procedures are specified as necessary.

  • For us, safety is always the priority. Our customers can trust us to do all we can to ensure the safe provision of meals and services. Risk management has always been part of our ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental systems. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic posed entirely new challenges to our business, we decided to request for a third-party assessment of the quality of our efforts relating to the pandemic, explains Jaana Korhola, Managing Director of Compass Group Finland.

A global assessment method

MyCare verification means that our infection risk management process has been evaluated by an independent body and that the relevant preparedness requirements are met.  The verification is granted by DNV GL, a leading assessment and certification body globally. It has developed the MyCare management tool for infection risks for use by companies to assess their operating systems and processes related to infection risk management. The method is based on the assessment of six domains: governance, strategy, communications, operations, data analysis and continuous improvement. 

  • We would like to congratulate the Compass Group on attaining the MyCare verification. It builds confidence in infection risk management and shows a strong commitment to and a will to improve processes and operating procedures related to the safety of both customers and the staff, says Curt Ruokolahti, Business Development Manager, DNV GL.

The MyCare verification shows customers that we work hard for the safety of both our personnel and customers.

  • Our personnel has worked very hard under great pressure from the pandemic and the ensuing drastic change in the operating environment. The measures to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic were implemented at our restaurants immediately and they have now become business as usual for us. I want to thank our entire personnel for coping so impressively and adopting new operating procedures so quickly to promote the safety of both our customers and ourselves, says Jaana Korhola summing up.

A MyCare verification badge is displayed at our restaurants, as well as a QR code that can be scanned to read more information about the verification.


More information:

Jaana Korhola, Managing Director, Compass Group Finland, +358 40 821 8641
Interview requests: Satu Ikäheimo, Director, Marketing & Communication, Compass Group Finland, +358 50 380 4996

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